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Chinese Injection Mold Manufacturing Cost Control

The control of Chinese injection mold manufacturing cost has been a concern of injection molding companies in China for many years. What factors are related to the injection mold making cost? And how does Chinese injection molding manufacturer control the cost? Please find answer below.

1.Plastic products design
Structure design of plastic products directly affects the structure of injection mold and the injection mold manufacturing. It is also one of the external factors affecting injection mold making cost. A reasonable plastic part structure design not only need meet the usage and process requirements of products, but also can consider from the feasibility and process performance of mold making to simplify injection mold structure as much as possible and reduce the difficulty of injection mold making, which is an important factor of controlling injection mold making cost.

2.Mold design and mold machining technology
Mold design and mold machining technology are most important two factors affecting the cost of injection mold manufacturing. And the two influence each other and restrict each other. The design can’t be separated from the machining technology and only consider design, but the machining technology also should perform based on the design. Reasonable mold design can promote the reasonable mold machining technology, and the reasonable machining technology also can realize the reasonable design.
Mold design includes structural design, size and gate design. Structural design includes the structural design of each part. Whether the mold design is reasonable is the key to the success or failure of the whole set of injection molds and is related to the controlling of injection molding manufacturing cost, so it must be given high priority.

The preparation of injection mold machining process is not a simple process arrangement. It includes the most important mold machining process setting, alignment, and mold processing methods, processing standards, alignment standards, processing quantities, processing allowances, and processing requirements. If these are unreasonable, they will affect the quality of machined mold parts, even cause rework and scrap, which will increase injection mold manufacturing cost.
How to reduce injection mold manufacturing cost from mold design and machining process? It not only requires mold designer has solid foundation in mold design and mold making theory, but also requires a certain design experience and understanding of each mold machining process and machining equipment. Only on the basis of understanding machining process and assembly process, it is possible to design a reasonable and high quality and low cost injection mold made in China. Otherwise, the structure and machine process of designed injection mold will be unreasonable and difficult to machine. The increased difficulty of mold machining, assembly, and maintenance will cause injection mold making cost increasing.
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3. Mold processing
Under the premise of ensuring reasonable mold design and processing process, mold processing has become the most important aspects affecting the quality and cost of injection mold. To control the cost from mold processing, it not only requires processor need to be familiar with the equipment processing technology, parameters, proficiency, and mastering the processing method, but also continuously improves the processing skills, meets the processing size and precision of key parts, and reduces mold parts rework or scrap.

4. Mold assembly
Mold assembly is also an important factor of controlling injection mold manufacturing cost. For various reasons, the actual size of machined part has a certain errors compared with the size of drawing and even there are great discrepancies. Correctly and reasonably assemble mold, reduce assembly errors, and the damages or scrap caused by assembly, to make assembled mold meets design requirements and reduce the times of mold trial and modification, that all are directly related to the injection mold making cost. So they must be paid enough attention.

5. Management during injection mold making
Injection mold making needs various machining process and the making process is long. Each link and process not only directly affects the injection mold making cost, but also they affect each other. In order to ensure the work of each link and process and the quality, in addition to the efforts of relevant technicians and skilled workers, they are also related to the management during injection mold making.

The management runs through the entire injection molding making process, and plays and extremely important role in injection mold manufacturing cycle, injection mold quality, and injection mold making cost. Good management can not only coordinate and unify the injection mold making process, mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, give play to the subjective initiative of staff, but also promote and ensure the work and quality of each link to a greater extent. Therefore, to reduce injection mold manufacturing cost, not only do efforts from mold design, processing, and assembly, but also do efforts from management during injection mold making.

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