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In the 10+ years we have been involved with publications serving the plastics industry, the number of unique plants doing plastic injection molding has ranged from 10,000 to 14,000+ in the booming years in the China according to data collected from subscribers. Not saying that is the universe, but it's likely reach to a high 90% of it. Currently, there are just over 11,000 plants doing plastic injection molding according to our circulation database with about 52% of those being custom injection molders and 48% captive or proprietary.

The precise number of custom injection molders has always been a bit elusive because almost half of plants are captive falling into end-market of China and typically corporate management of those companies don't think of themselves as a part of the plastics industry, only the plants within the organization making a pellet into a part do! All plastics product manufacturing where typically custom plastic processors are coded, with the lion's share of those plants likely being custom injection molders. The states with the most injection molding plant locations are Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. Dongguan had for years been number one, but that has recently changed most likely because of the changes in legislation and energy costs impacting manufacturing there.
There are more than 15 different processes which are used for molding and converting plastic into variety of end products. Injection molding is a one of the most common methods of producing plastics workpieces. It is a method of forming or molding objects from powdered or granular types of thermoplastic materials.

For any custom injection molding projects, injection mold and molding cost are critical factors for development team to decide whether to move forward with this method or not. Before getting an accurate and official quote from the supplier, you are supposed to provide these following details for review.

Mold is a tool for molding and processing of plastic parts. Mold making is an important but complex stage for plastic molding. Usually, the mold has two parts, an upper mold and a lower mold. Small up to the plastic molded parts for electronic connectors, large up to the plastic products for car dashboard, both of them can be molded with plastic mold.

ACO Mold injection molding company is located in Guangdong China, with more than 10 years experience in plastic molding manufacturing. We provide one-stop injection mold making service. We have strong R&D ability, to customize the plastic mold for your plastic products. We export exported mold and production mold, that is, if your product project is super large volume injection molding, we will recommend that you can order plastic injection mold from ACO Mold injection molding manufacturer and do injection molding at your local. Or you also can choose injection mold making and injection molding are all in ACO Mold injection molding company.

In the context of increasingly internationalized plastic molding manufacturing industry, shortening the product development cycle and reducing the risk of developing new product investments have become the key to the survival of product development companies. Custom plastic injection molding products have been widely used in automotive, aerospace, marine, home appliance, industrial design, medical, construction, handicraft production and children's toys etc. And the continuous development and improvement of this molding process of injection molding products itself will continue to expand its application range. In the automotive and home appliance plastic parts manufacturing industries, the injection molded parts account for 50% to 70% of plastic products.

Custom plastic injection molding products for baby carriage
The important position of the plastic injection molding products for baby carriage has no burrs, and the requirements for some sections difference are extremely high, and are controlled within 0.03mm. The glue position of the plastic products is relatively thick, and the injection molding cycle is required to be short. Due to the high and complex cooling requirements during plastic injection molding, and the plastic products are mostly deep and easy to deform. So ACO Mold injection molding company has made pre-deformation for product development companies in the early stage of plastic injection mold making.

Judge the injection mold quality is mainly from below 4 aspects: 
1. Injection molding plastic products quality
The dimensional stability and conformity of injection molding plastic products, the surface finish of injection molded parts, and the utilization rate of plastic molded parts materials, etc can reflect the quality of injection mold itself.
2. Service life
Under the premise of ensuring the quality of plastic injection molded parts, the number of work cycles that injection mold can perform or the number of plastic parts produced.
3. The usage and maintenance of injection Mold
Whether it is most convenient to use, whether it is easy to demold, and whether the production auxiliary time can be as short as possible.
4. Maintenance cost, maintenance cycle
The time of injection mold maintenance cycle and the cost of maintenance are also included in the assessment of the quality of injection mold.
Why choose ACO Mold injection molding company to make plastic molds?
ACO Mold injection molding factory is located in Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is a mature industrial base for Chinese mold industry. Shenzhen's industrial supply chain is rich, which is very convenient for injection molding manufacturing. If you choose to make molds in other regions, the supply chain is not perfect, the factory management system, quality control methods are backward, resulting in an infinite extension of the development cycle.
Household appliances are a large application area in injection molding products. Almost all household appliances are made of plastics, just the type of plastics that are used in different electrical appliances is different.
PP is also called polypropylene, because of its good anti-breaking performance, also known as "100 fold glue." PP is a translucent, semi-crystalline thermoplastic with these performances such as high strength, good insulation, low water absorption, low density and high crystallinity etc. The PP which has different uses has a large difference in fluidity. PP flow speed is between that of ABS and PC.
Due to meet the insert holes, the region where the flow speed is discontinuous and the region where the filling flow is interrupted, the molten plastics in the cavity meet in the form of multiple strands. At this time, there will be a linear welding seam because it can’t be completely fused. In addition, in the case of gate injection molding, a welding seam is formed, and the strength at the welding seam is poor. There are the main reasons.
Silver Streaks in injection molded parts include surface bubbles and internal pores. The main cause of defects is the interference of gases (mainly water vapor, decomposition gas, solvent gas, air). There are the specific reasons.
What kind of styling you want? Plastic molding can precisely give a specific shape in the molten plastic state. Today plastics are used widely instead of traditional glass, wood and other materials because of its high durability. Using a variety of technologies to shape the plastic into the desired shape, plastic injection molding is one of today's most valuable and cost-effective molding technologies.
DFM is one of the most important procedures before making injection mold, through DFM procedure, our engineers with rich experiences bring all the design problems on the table to avoid any failures or reworks afterwards, no matter how you are confidence with your design, get a second idea from an injection mold maker like ACO Mold, it probably would save you a lot of cost and shorter your whole lead time. For example, the heavy wall thickness on coaster lid would cause serious sink mark if you don't reduce the excessive material.
Injection molded coasters

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