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Injection Molded Coasters with ABS Material

Here is how the coaster part design looks like:
Coaster lid
Coaster base
Coaster lid
Coaster base

The customer had already made a prototype:
Coaster prototype

After the customer commit to the order, ACO Mold started DFM process, DFM is one of the most important procedures before mold making, through DFM procedure, our engineers with rich experiences bring all the design problems on the table to avoid any failures or reworks afterwards, no matter how you are confidence with your design, get a second idea from an injection mold maker like ACO Mold, it probably would save you a lot of cost and shorter your whole lead time. For example, the heavy wall thickness on coaster lid would cause serious sink mark if you don't reduce the excessive material.

Part line
(1). Yellow color are on cavity side, 1 degree draft angle required on side wall

Coaster mold design
(1). This is too heavy wall thickness. It will cause serious sink mark on the surface. For a plastic part design, the wall thickness must be as even as possible.

Coaster mold design 2
(1). Make this area sunk in a little bit if possible. The main concern is also about the "sink mark", as one the back side we have a round –ribs, which could cause sink mark on the critical surface.
(2). Lift up the base 6mm , make the thickness of lid less accordingly, keep total height of the product same.

From mold design to mold making, and sampling, it takes 5 weeks, here are how the mold design, actual mold and actual molded parts looks like:
3D mold design
3D mold design

Injection mold for coaster lid
Injection mold for coaster lid

Injection molded coasters
Injection molded coasters

Packed injection molded coasters
10K molded coasters are packed and ready to ship

Due to Intellectual Property Protection propose, there are no specific data for these listed parts/molds, please note all the molds/parts listed are not for sale, they are all made exclusively for certain companies, anyone interested in distributing these products should contact directly with the company.

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