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Colorful injection molded plastic parts

One of advantages of plastic parts is they can be made in any color you want, and unlike metal parts, it is easy to do plastic parts in different color. Most of the consumer products need to be colorful, your cell phone, you car, color could be one of key reason your clients pay for your product. So how to define the color and customized your product is one of the important factor to achieve big sales.

Where to find the color
You should know pantone, Pantone is the X-Rite, Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary, is the authority of a specialized research and development of world-renowned color, also the color systems and leading technology provider of professional color choice in many industries. When it comes to color choice, you need to have a pantone card, finding the most adorable color you like, of source, many researches may need to be involved in before choosing one. Pantone number is a universal color code you can simple give your molder a color number and you will get what you want.

Pantone card
Pantone card

Color samples
Color samples

How an injection molder do the colored samples
Color pigmentOnce you provide the color code, we can produce the color pigment to match the color code. Raw material and color pigment will be mixed by certain ratio base on actual situation, it may need some adjustment on the ratio, Goal is they match color pigment.

Key factors to mold colored parts
Clean your injection machine barrel: Make sure the injection machine barrel is clean to make sure there is no contamination, slight contamination in barrel could cause high scraps rate

Setting proper molding temperature: it happens the mold samples have black spots all over the surface of the molded parts, this could be the reason of the temperature are setting too high during molding.

Diffusion: some of the resin melt flow property is not very good, such as PC or PC/ABS, in that case you need use grain color pigment instead of color powder to make sure resin and color pigment are properly mixed. If you don't, the molded part may have uneven color.

Fix the injection parameter: colored molded parts may be different from batch to batch, this is something you can't avoid completely due to condition changes all the time, but control the pigment resource stable and setting the injection molding parameter can make the difference as unnoticeable as possible.

We have made a lot of colored molded parts for many customers, here are a few project.
Colored molded parts

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