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Injection Mold Industry Development In China

The Chinese injection mold industry has already formed a certain advantage, the advantages of industrial clustering are obvious. At the same time, Its characteristics are also relatively prominent, the imbalance of regional development leads to the development of the injection mold industry in the south in China is faster than the north.

According to the relevant data, in recent years, development of injection mold industry agglomeration in China become the new characteristic of the industry development, and come into being the automobile injection mold industry cluster production base, and it is represented by Wuhu and Botou; the precision injection mold industry cluster production base is represented by Wuxi and Kunshan, and with Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huangyan, Ningbo as the representative of large precision injection mold industry cluster production base.
injection mold in china;
The advantages and characteristics of China injection mold industry: at present, the development of injection mold manufacturing industry in china has been formed a certain advantage, Its industry clustering development advantage is obvious, compared with distributed production, cluster production has many advantages such as cooperation convenience, reducing cost, opening market and reducing environmental pollution area. Injection mold clustering because of the location of the enterprise is close, so it is conducive to form highly refined and closely coordinated system of professional division of labor, using the advantage of social division of labor to make up for small and medium-sized enterprises of the scale of the defect, effectively reduce the production cost and trade cost; industrial cluster making companies take full use of its location, resources, material technology base, division of labor system, the production and marketing network, etc. Each place has its own product, and they get together, rolling development, provided the condition for the formation of professional market in the territory; Cluster formation area of the enterprise can often win on the price, quality, timely delivery, to increase chip in the negotiations, it's good to develop the international market with the development of technology and demand change, highly specialized technical process, the injection mold cluster into a professional manufacturer offers great opportunities, and also make them realize the scale production, both sides form virtuous circle, continuously improve the overall efficiency of enterprise cluster.

Development of injection mold manufacturing industry in China has its own feature. Unbalanced regional development, for a long time, the development of injection mold industry in China exists in the regional distribution imbalance, the southeast coastal areas to develop faster than the Midwest, develops faster in south than in north, injection mold production in pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta region, the injection mold production accounts for about two-thirds of national output above; Injection mold and die industry in our country are from the more developed pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta region and the northern extension, the mainland on the industry layout appeared some new injection mold production is relatively concentrated area, Beijing-tianjin-hebei, Changsha, Chongqing, wuhan, Anhui medium region, injection mold developed into new characteristics of gathering. As local industry adjustment and transformation and upgrading needs, all further attaches great importance to the injection mold industry development, China's injection mold industry layout adjustment trend was clear, the division of labor is more and more fine industrial cluster.

According to concerning sectional statistic, at present, China has been built and begun to take shape of the injection mold industrial park have nearly one hundred or so, there are some injection mold industrial park is under the construction planning. We believe that China will develop into the world injection mold manufacturing center in the future.

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