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Requirements for Mold Base of Plastic Injection Mold

The standard mold base generally consists of the fixed clamp plate of upper mold, the fixed mold plate, the movable mold plate of lower mold, the movable mold support plate, the padding block, the moving clamp plate, the push bar fixing plate, the stripper plate, the guide pin, the guide bush and the reset lever and so on. In addition, there are some mold bases with special structure, such as point gate mold base, mold base with stripper plate push out, etc. Other parts of the mold base can be supplemented as needed, such as precision positioning devices, supporting columns and other accessories. Basically, the accessories need to be used are already including in the standard mold base.

The non-standard mold base generally have mold masters to go to the template factory to make customized templates, and then buy various mold accessories, punch yourself to install. The non-standard mold base that made by yourself is cheap, suitable for producing plastic injection molded parts by factory itself, and it is easy to repair it yourself if something goes wrong.
The mold base is the appearance of plastic injection mold, and the good mold base has a direct impact on the customer. Moreover, the precision of mold base also directly determines the precision and quality of plastic injection mold. In general, customer's requirement for guaranteed process conditions when producing mold base as follows: the flatness of plate piece and the verticality of side, and the tightness of the cooperation of the guide pin and guide bush and the mold plate. The verticality around the mold base, the parallelism of plate piece, the degree of freedom of opening and closing of the relative moving plates, and the appearance of the entire set of mold base, such as surface roughness, chamfering, etc.

The use of standard mold base can improve the performance and quality of plastic injection mold and increase the production speed of the product.
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