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Injection Moulding Products used in household appliances

Household appliances are a large application area in injection molding products. Almost all household appliances are made of plastics, just the type of plastics that are used in different electrical appliances is different. Which plastics are used, please see the followings:

Plastics for TV housings have experienced the development process from ABS to HIPS and modified PP. At present, large TV housings are made of ABS, small TV housings are made of modified PP, and medium-sized TV housings are made of the three materials of modified PP, HIPS and ABS.

Plastic parts for washing machines include inner cylinder, spray pipe, inner cover, base, drain pipe, gear, impeller, etc. The main plastics involved are PP, modified PP, ABS, LDPE, POM, and GFPA.

Plastic parts for refrigerators include the inner liner, door lining, door sash, top frame, sealing strip, handle and heat insulation strip. The dosage has accounted for 40-45% of the weight of the refrigerator. The main plastics involved are ABS and HIPS. , PP, PE, PVC, and PU.

In addition to the power components, the outdoor casing, and the fixed plate, the air conditioner is almost made of plastic. The use of plastics accounts for 20-30%, and the main varieties involved have PS, PP, AS, ABS.

The housing and buttons in the recorder are made of ABS or HIPS, pulleys are made of POM, magnetic tapes are made of PET, and headphones are made of PA. The plastic parts for audio have chassis, cover, insulation, decorative parts, and plugs, etc. The main varieties of materials involved are PS, PP, HIPS, ABS, AS, PMMA and so on.

The main plastics used in video recorders and video cameras are HIPS, ABS, PC, POM, GFPBT, etc.

The plastic parts for electric fans include fan blades, fan casings, buttons, and knobs. The main types of materials involved are ABS, HIPS, modified PP and so on. The housing in the water dispenser is made of ABS, HIPS, modified PP, and the bucket is made of PC.

Knob in the water heater is made of ABS and the exhaust pipe is made of PVC bellows.

The housing in the vacuum cleaner is made of ABS, HIPS, modified PP. Handles and hoses are made of soft PVC. The handles and buttons in the iron are made of ABS and HIPS, and plastics for other components are PC, PA, PBT, PPO, modified PP, and the like.

The main plastics used in microwave ovens, induction cookers, dishwashers, range hoods, and rice cookers are ABS, HIPS and modified PP. Just on the aspect of the electric appliance, there are 18 kinds of objects that are made of all kinds of plastics.

The plastic used in the furniture in the bedroom is mainly PVC and PP.

The computers used in modern office and home and its accessories are made of plastic. The plastics commonly used in keyboards are ABS, HIPS, PBT, the connecting wires and connectors are made of PVC as insulation materials.

A display is made of ABS, HIPS, modified PP and PVC/ABS alloy. Laptop case is made of PC/ABS alloy.

The printer is the main output device of the computer. Its main components are made of ABS, HIPS, PC/HIPS alloy and modified PP. The printhead is made of 30% GF enhanced PA66. Ribbon cassette is made of ABS. Welcome to ACO Mold injection molding manufacturer and contact us to get free quote.Injection mold maker

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