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Mold trial before large volume injection molding

Improper injection mold design often results in various defects of finished plastic products. Before modifying the injection mold, first do mold trial and evaluate, optimize the injection mold design and injection molding process parameters, usually can achieve twice the result with half the effort, while meeting the high quality requirements of large volume injection molding.

The defects of most injection molding plastic products are caused during the plasticizing and injection molding stages, but sometimes they are also related to improper injection mold design. Possible factors causing products defects include cavity number, design of cold/hot runner system, gate type, position and size, and the structure of the plastic product itself etc. Therefore, in order to avoid product defects caused by injection mold design, we need to analyze the injection mold design and injection molding process parameters before large volume injection molding to avoid larger economical loss.

After obtaining the results of the injection mold trial, the injection mold engineers usually needs to evaluate the specific conditions of the mold to avoid unnecessary cost and time in the process of modifying the mold. In most cases, this assessment also includes the setting of machine process parameters. That is to say, in order to make up for the deficiencies in the injection mold design, the injection mold maker may have made an incorrect setting without knowing it.

In this case, the production process of the equipment is not normal, because the range of parameter settings required to produce a qualified plastic product is very small. Once any slight deviation occurs in the parameter setting, the quality of the final plastic product may exceed the allowable range of error, and the resulting actual injection molding cost is much higher than that of prior mold optimization.

The mold trial is to optimize injection molding process parameters and injection mold design. In this way, even any changes in materials, machine settings, or the environment, the stable and uninterrupted large volume injection molding environment also can be ensured, not just to get a good sample. This point is very important.

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