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Considerations of outsourcing injection mold to China

If you have a limited budget or have no established connections in China, going out and "finding" that China injection mold makers are very costly (China visitations, interviewing shops, etc.) and if you just arbitrarily choose one, you may end up with a junk injection mold that then begs the question: where you really any further ahead seeking out a direct mold factory or would you have been better off to go to a domestic service provider that handles injection mold design, quality control, logistics, and any necessary domestic tuning?

If you plan to make molds outside of the United States, and you don't have an international patent. Remember you have no legal means of stopping someone in China from building a second set of injection molds and producing your product and selling it in say Australia, Japan or Europe, quite possibly before you roll it out in the United States.

A lot of problems come from communication and working habits from my experience actually. Many injection mold manufacturers in China can't speak and listen English very well, it may be the biggest reason of causing some problems. If communication no problem, Chinese manufacturers are very much willing to do everything possible for their customers.
It is such a wonderful idea to outsourcing plastic injection mould and plastic injection component from China to Australia.
there are 2 main plastic mould making centers in China, one is in Guangdong province, the other is in Shanghai nearby.

Personally I ever worked in Japan-based company for 9 years as Project Manager in plastic injection moulding in Shenzhen Guangdong Province, I gained a good experience from the Japanese companies to do the best quality control system.

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