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Influence Factors of Injection Mold Quality

With the rapid development of economy in China, the injection mold used in all walks of life more and more mature, many injection molded plastic parts are produced by injection mold. The quality of injection mold has large effect to production cost of company. Therefore, it is very important to improve the quality of injection mold. And then what factors will affect the quality?
The injection mold can affect the quality of the final injection mold from various aspects, such as raw material, design and processing technology.Below is the 9 aspects influence factor of injection mold:

1. Die Steel
Steel is the resolution factor of quality of molds. Selection of reasonable steel is the most important. Below is the standard for steel selection:
  • Requirements for injection molding materials
    Different types of plastic should be used for different types of steel, such as the requirement for high polishing and corrosion resistance.
  • Price
    Selecting the suitable steel, not the most expensive. Using the mold steel which is corresponding to the data of die service life to avoiding wasting.Generally, the service life data of P20 is about 30 thousands,the data of 2738 is no problem at 50 thousands. And H13/2344 is usually between 80 and 1 million. Selecting according to the different condition.
  • Surface treatment
    The surface treatment of mold is also very important. The nitriding can enhance the appearance hardness of the steel and extend the die number. The electroplating can be used to modify the steel of the mold, and for some plastic parts which require high brightness and corrosion resistance, it can be also used to enhance and improve the function of the steel.

2. Physical design
Mature mold structure not only takes into account the product information characteristics,shortening rate, molding temperature, elastic stretch deformation coefficient etc., but also the cooling water channel and the speed of opening and closing. Reasonable mold structure can extend the die life and ensure the smooth production of mold, improve efficiency and reduce the plastic injection mold cost.

3. Injection molding process
The organization of mold process is particularly important. Reasonable process organization can accelerate the production cycle, shorten the processing time, and save cost.And more importantly, precise and reasonable processing can ensure the stability and extension of life of the mold in the production process. Machining mistakes can lead to the welding of the mold, no matter how well welded, it is a loss to the mold. Other bad injection molding process may affect the mold movement, and decline the die life, which causes the mold to appear in the production process cracking and even breaking.

4. Standard parts
We all know that how much water a bucket can hold depends on the lowest batten of the bucket, so does the mold. Although standard parts isn't directly involved in shaping, operate the entire movement of mold.Good standard parts should be wear-resistant, hard enough, high precision, not deformation.

5. Mold spotting
mold spotting depends on the experience of die fitter. It seem simple but require skilled and technical. The most important thing for mold is this technique. Flat die is the most simple, the parting surface only needs to have no flying edge. Such as car accessories mold is more troublesome, which not only the parting surface is more irregular, but also often contains multiple sliders and the top block. mold spotting will improve some other questions of mold, so it is a comprehensive operation.

6. Polishing and texturing
Mold polishing is one final step of mold making. Polishing directly reflect the plastic parts, which shows the most direct appearance result of the plastic parts. Polishing can also help the movement of mold, especially for the demolding. Usually the output of some mold is difficult is because of that polish is not enough, the resistance is too large, the demolding is difficult, even the stress mark, stress crack, etc.

7. Mold device
mold device is like to assemble the machine, every parts, each screw can't make mistakes. Otherwise the result will be quite serious, lightly situation is led to the product defects, affect the output, very bad situation is completely damage the mold. So it is a scrupulous work to assemble the mold device. In the process of installation, especially to pay attention to the cleaning operation of the mold, especially the waterway and screw holes, the iron dust inside must be cleaned up.

8. Hot runner and cold runner
Hot runner has minimal impact on the quality of the mold.Because hot runner is generally the customer's designated brand, especially some big customers. The main problem of the cold runner is how to ensure the balance of injection molding, and the size of gate, the injection pressure etc. 

9. Cooling water channel
Injection mold cooling is very important to mold. Due to the increasing cost and the increase in human salary, especially when in volume production of products, it is necessary to decline the every seconds of injection cycle, which will save cost.But accelerating the production cycle can also lead to the rising of temperature of mold. If no effective control, the mold will be too hot to take shape, which causes die deformation and useless. Therefore, excellent waterway design is particularly important, including the distribution density, diameter, and links among the waterways. Welcome to ACO Mold injection molding manufacturer and contact us to get free quote.

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