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Mechanical Arm Application during Injection Molding

The mechanical arm during injection molding is generally composed of execution system, drive system, control system etc. The execution and drive system is designed to perform the normal functioning of mechanical arm. Driving mechanical parts by pneumatic or electric motor to reach the function of taking out objects. With the wide application of mechanical arm, insert, shear products glue and simply assemble are more convenient.

Since mechanical arm can greatly increase the productivity and reduce the production cost, can stabilize and improve the quality of injection molded products and avoid the loss caused by human operation error. Therefore, the role of mechanical arm during injection molding in injection molding production is becoming more and more important. At present, the types of mechanical arm in China are relatively simple, and most of them are used for taking out injection molded parts. With the development of the injection molding industry, more and more mechanical arms will be used in various processes such as feeding, mixing, automatic loading and unloading of molds, recycling of scrap, etc., and will develop towards intelligence. Plastics occupy a very important position in materials such as industry, people's livelihood materials industry etc., and many materials are gradually replaced by plastics. Plastic molding includes: injection molding, blister molding, blow molding, extrusion molding, die casting, etc., but injection molding is the most widely used.

Injection molding is extremely popular in these industries such as the automotive, communications, electronics, electrical, home appliances, medical, cosmetics, daily necessities, office supplies and so on. Traditional injection molding process, from the earliest manual molding to the injection molding machine hydraulic compression molding, and then into today's computer-controlled molding process, progress is not only reflected in the product quality, appearance but molding efficiency. The competition for injection molding is becoming more and more intense, and the quality and efficiency of injection molding are related to the survival of plastic injection molding companies. The molding quality is related to the performance of injection molding machine, the mold process and the surrounding environment. The molding efficiency is related to the mold precision, molding process and production quantity. With increase in labor costs, the mechanical arm of injection molding machines are also becoming more and more widely used. The application of plastic molding automation is extremely common, and the uses of mechanical arm in injection molding process as followings:

1. The mechanical arm takes out the in-mold products, which replaces the original semi-automatic production to fully automated production.

2. The product is taken outside the mold, and the product is embedded in the mold (labeling, embedding metal, secondary molding, etc.).

3. Automatic packaging and automatically put into storage after the injection molded product is taken out by mechanical arm.

4. Automatic feeding system for forming raw materials, scrap recycling system.

5. The whole plant production control system and so on.

Due to the different plastic injection molded parts, the automation application is also very complicated. Because it can improve the efficiency of injection molding and stabilize and improve the quality of injection molded products, so the automation application is more and more extensive. The mechanical arm of during injection molding is the most widely used in molding automation.
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