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5 things to consider before getting injection molding parts quote in China

There are more than 15 different processes which are used for molding and converting plastic into variety of end products. Injection molding is a one of the most common methods of producing plastics workpieces. It is a method of forming or molding objects from powdered or granular types of thermoplastic materials.

For any custom injection molding projects, injection mold and molding cost are critical factors for development team to decide whether to move forward with this method or not. Before getting an accurate and official quote from the supplier, you are supposed to provide these following details for review.
Injection mold
1. A CAD drawing or A physical sample
CAD drawing is the most intuitive information for the molder to see whether it is a ready to go design and they quote based on the drawing. Besides, it is better to provide 3D drawing in step. The format is a universal format for most of the 3D software. Sometimes, you may have only 2D drawing, which may be not enough for an accurate quotation.
If you don’t have any drawing but a sample, please kindly send the physical sample to the injection mold maker, he can get the information such as the part structure, dimensions, weight and so on that needed for quotation.

2. What’s the plastic material?
There are various types of plastic material and the cost of each type varies from one to one, so deciding a proper material is quite important and it is also a part of the design.

Besides, different material may require a different grade of mold steel. For example PVC material, it is corrosive, and it requires higher grade of steel like S136H or better one.

If you have no idea what kind of resin will be suitable for the part, then you have to tell the molder the function, strength, transparency or other requirements so the molder can provide some suggestion accordingly.

3. What’s the surface finish?
Surface finish is also a key factor that will influence the mold steel grade. If you prefer high glossy finish part, a higher grade of steel is required. And the unit price of the part will be more expensive because of the high scrap rate.

Of course, textured or decorative finish such as MT texture and YS texture will increase the mold cost as well.
injection mold
4. What’s color you prefer for the parts?
Usually color don’t influence the cost, however, remember to inform your molder the color of each part if there are some parts for the project so he can consider whether to combine some parts in one family mold to save mold cost.

5. What’s the estimated demand quantity?
If the estimated quantity is low, a pre-hardened mold with less cavity number will be enough. But if the quantity is large, it should be a different mold solution.

If your design is ready, please feel free to contact us for quotation.

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