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The technology of mold factory in China

How to evaluate the mold factory level of technology? The final performance in the mold manufacturing cycle, mold life, mold accuracy and rigidity, mold manufacturing costs, mold standardization and other aspects. These are the basis for plastic mold manufacturers in China to evaluate the economic and technical indicators of the mold.

Injection factory

Mold manufacturing cycle

The mold manufacturing cycle reflects the level of production technology and organization management of the mold companies. In the manufacture of molds, we should try to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle. At present, in order to shorten the mold manufacturing cycle, a computer-aided design of molds and CNC machine tool processing techniques are used. Using various methods to design and manufacture various types of molds that the mold manufacturing cycle can be shortened by more than 60%.

The service life of the mold

Providing mold service life is a comprehensive technical issue. At present, in addition to trying to research and correctly select the steel used in the mold to improve the service life of the mold, it is also applied to the mold structure design, manufacturing process method, debugging equipment, heat treatment process, lubrication conditions when using the mold, cooling method, and accuracy of application equipment. Improvements have been made in aspects such as maintenance and blank condition.

Precision and rigidity of mold

Mold accuracy can be divided into precision required for mold parts (if accuracy of forming dies and punches cavities, etc.) and the accuracy required for the overall performance of the mold, such as parallelism, verticality, positioning and guide fitting of the surface, etc. Generally speaking, the precision of the mold mainly refers to the dimensional accuracy of the formed die, punch and cavity. It contains both static and dynamic precision.
For high-speed stamping dies, large-scale stamping dies, and precision plastic dies, not only is it required to have high accuracy, but it can also have sufficient rigidity under high-load working conditions without distortion.

Mold manufacturing costs

Under the various technical indicators, the lower the mold manufacturing cost is, the higher the field level of mold technology is. This requires the manufacture of molds not only to reasonable choice of mold materials, but also strives to reduce processing hours and save all expenses.

Mold standardization

Mold standardization is an important measure for professional production, and it is also an important measure to systematically improve labor productivity, improve product quality, and improve past management. Only by continuously expanding the application scope of mold standardization and organizing specialized production can we fully meet the needs of users and make the mold free to purchase and sell in the market like commodities.

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