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US vs China in injection molding

First of all, one thing is for sure, buying plastic molded parts from China gives you're competitive cost advantage, if you still question this, look at the some of the most successed giant companies, Philip, Canon, Samsung, Siemens…. the list can go on and on, the most famous one are Apple, you all know that Apple product like iPhone and iPad are produced in Shenzhen China, a city where Aco Mold located.

There are some factors you may concern:

Low cost production
China labor cost is still much lower than US, during past 10 year, China labor is rising every year, it's about 500USD-1000USD/ month, but please don't forget the productivity of individual labor increase as well. Low cost production is still one of the main reasons that China maintains the advantages in injection molding industry.

Hidden cost
You may be told that there are many hidden cost buying injection molds from China, the truth is not exactly, take quotation from Aco Mold for example, all condition and terms are stated clearly in quotation paper, we provide multiple delivery terms options, FOB, CIF, DDP, DDU, all the sample express cost are include in our quotation, there are no hidden cost from us.

Quality guarantee
Quality of made in China have been labeled bad, still, look around you, there are not just low quality made in China, but also some of the best quality product, like Apple iPhone, iPad, all the molds/ injection molding are done in China. What you need to do is keep your eyes open to find a good injection mold supplier. You can't not deny that lower quality products exited in everywhere, even in United States.

Language barriers is not any problem in China now, after 20 years devolving, in mold making industry, we had tons of professional engineers speak good English. In our factory, we provide 24 hours turn around for quotation, weekly reports for production. All projects are taken good care of by one on one service.

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