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Injection molded parts for automotive in China

In the context of increasingly internationalized plastic molding manufacturing industry, shortening the product development cycle and reducing the risk of developing new product investments have become the key to the survival of product development companies. Custom plastic injection molding products have been widely used in automotive, aerospace, marine, home appliance, industrial design, medical, construction, handicraft production and children's toys etc. And the continuous development and improvement of this molding process of injection molding products itself will continue to expand its application range. In the automotive and home appliance plastic parts manufacturing industries, the injection molded parts account for 50% to 70% of plastic products.

In the molding process of plastic parts, injection molding is most commonly. Before injection molding, injection molding company must make injection molds. Injection molds mainly used for the molding of thermoplastic products. But in recent years, injection molds are also often used for the molding of thermosetting plastic products. Injection molding has a large proportion in the molding of plastic products in China. More than half of the plastic molds are injection molds.

ACO Mold injection molding company has more than 10 years experience in providing one-stop molding service of injection molded parts, such as R&D, mold making, plastic molding, products assembly, shipping etc. ACO Mold has cooperated with product development companies from all over the word, such as Europe and America countries, has been well received by customers. ACO Mold injection molding factory is well-equipped, with advanced processing technology, such as CNC, wire cutting machine, sparking machine etc and experienced mold engineers. Below are injection molded parts for automotive made in China.

Injection molded parts for automotive---Car light plastic parts
ACO Mold injection molding manufacturer has the professional team to manage the quality and progress of the injection molding project in China, and the professional mold engineers do the pre-product analysis and mold structure design. For large-size, high-drop lighting parts, large horizontal, five-axis CNC, double-head spark machine equipment has outstanding advantages in controlling machining accuracy and shortening delivery time.
Car light plastic part
Product parameters
Product Material: PC
Mold Size: 680x673x659mm
Product Size: 113X97X56mm/123X103X48mm
Mold Weight: 1350kg

Product features
1. Thick-walled Lens optical products. The wall thickness reaches 9mm.
2. The appearance is not allowed to have any shrinkage, color difference. The requirement for product clamping lines is extremely high.
3. The CAE analysis in the early stage predicts the location of the dissolved wiring, the form of the gate, and the design of the size of the glue.
4. In the process of manufacturing the repairing plastic injection mold, it is necessary to carefully control the polishing deformation and the clamping line.

Product application range
Plastic parts for automotive

What injection molded plastic parts are for automotive?

Today, the injection molded plastic parts have become an important part of automotive. In America and Europe countries, the amount of plastic parts used in automotive has even become an important indicator of the level of automotive design and manufacturing. ACO Mold list a few important plastic molded parts for automotive below. Maybe you don't know they are made of plastic, that is, they are the injection molded plastic parts.

1. Bumper shell
Bumper shell is also known as the "bumper". But in fact it is just an auxiliary shell outside the bumper, not the body of the bumper. The bumper shell functions as a buffer and absorbs energy. The working environment is relatively complicated and bulky. Therefore, it is generally made of polypropylene (PP) because of its light weight and good corrosion resistance.
Bumper shell
2. Dashboard
In addition to wood and leather, the automotive dashboard is basically made of plastic, that is, they are the plastic injection molded parts. But there will be a difference between soft and hard. Soft foamed polyurethane (PU) is lighter in weight, has better safety and sound absorbing. The hard one is polypropylene (PP), which is relatively inexpensive. Therefore, the interior of relatively high-end models generally chooses soft polyurethane.
3. Intake grille
Today, the intake grille of many car models is chrome-plated and has a strong metallic feel. But in reality, it is also made of plastic, the plastic parts. The main function of the intake grille is to cool the engine and comb the airflow of the front. So the requirement for the plasticity of the material is very high, and the plastic is the best material choice for intake grille.
Intake grille
4. Lamp shade
For the lampshade, the requirement is to ensure long-term use without affecting the brightness of the lamp, and to protect the lamp. So the plastic molded parts are required to have good plasticity, good transparency, and high hardness. Because PC has high strength, UV resistance, and good toughness and light transmission, so the injection molded plastic parts made of PC is the best choice for making lampshade.
Lamp shade
5. Seat filler
The biggest requirement for car seat is comfort, because it is in contact with the user’s body. Because the PU is relatively good in heat insulation, cushioning, sound absorbing, and formability, and plays a very important role in the comfort of the seat. So the injection molded plastic parts made of PU is good choice for seat filler.
Seat filler
Are you looking for injection molding company best suit for you in China? Are your products are still in the concept stage? Welcome to ACO Mold injection molding manufacturer and Contact Us, and you only need to present your ideas, product features and appearance requirements. The mold engineers from ACO Mold injection molding factory will give you solution, recommend the most suitable materials, and help you take the lead in the market. We are ready and looking forward to cooperate with your next project.

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