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Heat treatment in injection mold manufacturing

In order to make the injection mold precise and high-quality, injection molding manufacturing will heat the injection molds. It can not only improve the precision of the injection molds, but also improve the quality and precision of the injection molded parts. ACO Mold injection molding factory share precautions about heat treatment of plastic injection mold with product companies. There are main 4 sections of forging process, pre-heat treatment, quenching, and temper.

Forging process
This is important section in the manufacturing of working parts of plastic injection mold. For injection mold made of high-alloy tool steel, there are generally process requirements for the metallographic structure such as material carbide distribution. In addition, the forging temperature range should be strictly controlled, the correct heating specification should be established, the correct forging force method should be used, and the post-forging slow cooling or timely annealing should be carried out.

Pre-heat treatment
According to the difference in the mold material of working parts of injection mold, the different pre-heat treatment process such as annealing, normalizing or quenching and tempering should be used. The high-carbon alloy mold steel can eliminate the reticulated secondary cementite or chain carbide after proper pre-heat treatment, so that the carbide is spheroidized and refined, and the uniformity of carbide distribution is promoted. This is beneficial to ensure the quality of quenching and tempering and improve the injection mold service life.

Quenching and tempering
This is the key link in the heat treatment of injection mold. If the superheat occurs during quenching and heating, it not only will cause greater brittleness of workpiece, but also cause deformation and cracking during cooling, which will seriously affects mold service life.

The stress relief annealing should be carried out after the processing of plastic injection mold. The purpose is to eliminate the internal stress caused by rough machining, so as to avoid excessive deformation and cracking caused by quenching. For plastic molds with high precision requirements, it needs to be subjected to stress relief and tempering after grinding or electric machining, which is beneficial to stabilize mold precision and improve mold service life.

Heat treatment of plastic mold is especially important for injection molding companies. However, not every injection molding factory can carry out in a standard way. We are plastic injection molding manufacturer located in Shenzhen China, we provide one-stop plastic injection molding services. If your product is in the concept stage, you can contact US-ACO Mold, the engineers of ACO Mold injection molding factory will give you the best solution, recommend the most suitable materials, and help you take the lead in the market.
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