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Guiding Mechanism Design of Injection Mold

The injection mold parts in motion are guided by guide pins and guide sleeves. To ensure the a accuracy of injection, mold open and clamp, guiding system is essential. The guide system can support injection if following points:
  • Positioning: It can direct the fixing position of the mold and also provide support when assembling and adjust the injection mold during production.
  • Guiding: When production, the cavity move along with the guides, it guides cavity and core to clamp accurately to avoid damage caused by the mechanical misalignment.
  • Bear certain lateral pressure
When the plastics material melt and inject into the working piece, all the surface of cavity are afford pressure from it. But if the plastic parts are asymmetrical or the injection mold structure is designed to imbalanced, the pressure will focus on the special side, the guide system can support the cavity and core to prevent the pressure.

Guiding system including guide pins and guide sleeves and taper surface positioning and etc.

Design of guide pins

The guide pins usually have two parts, one is the mold assembling part which will be assembled to the base, another part is the slide part which will guide the working pieces when production. We should pay more attention to the following points:
  • The position of the guide pins should be placed evenly at the four corners of the plastic mold, but they need to keep distance with the edge to ensure the strength of the guide pins.
  • The length of the assembled guide pins should be 6-8mm higher than top of working piece.

Design of guide sleeves

The front part of the sleeve should be curved to round for the guide pins sledding in the sleeve. The hole inside the sleeve should be through-hole to release the air and wastes. If the base is too thick to make it through, you can add the small hole at the side to release the air. The material of the guide sleeves and guide pins should be same.
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