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How to select a Chinese injection mold supplier?

The major reason that American and European companies source plastic injection molds in China is price, at the end of the day that is the major factor. However if we want to have a feel good discussion and ask what to look for when selecting an injection mold supplier we can look for the following:
Auto mold
  • References -- Get it from them and do your homework
  • Origin of Tool Steel
  • Capital investment in shop and equipment -- Is it a dive?
  • In place (established method) project plan that shows every aspect of build and give updates
  • Quality Systems
  • Validation Systems
  • Knowledge of your product -- Have they done this before?
  • How much capability do they have -- Can they do everything in-house?
  • Capacity and what is it at the moment you are placing your P.O.
  • Are they able to service you globally?
There are Chinese plastic injection mold suppliers that make dedicate themselves to quality and delivery and these are normally the ones with the higher price. I had bad deliveries and quality from American, Mexican and EU injection mold suppliers in my previous Global role some issues worse than any I had to deal with in China.

China will have to go a long way to instill reliable confidence in their ability to perform as a capable OEM supplier. There are just too many instances of poor quality, delivery, service, and technical support. It just seems that whenever China is involved, the only thing that matters to them is money.

As a Chinese supplier for plastic injection molds, production and complete turnkey solutions I know that my team does their due diligence every day to ensure the customer is satisfied, we are in this as a business to make money (after all that is the aim of any business) but if the customer is happy with our product and service he/she will return to do business with us again and even recommend us to other companies.

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