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More Information Provided, More Proper Solution offers

There are many new inquiries coming in every single day, some of customer just provide very limited information, we can see a signal of no much intention to cooperate. On the other hand, we take serious for those inquiries that the information provided is very specific, and customer know exactly what they need. More detailed information, more proper solution.

Examples as following:

“Hi, the small one is 20 x 25mm, second is the one of the drawing I provided and it is 30 x 35mm, the 3rd is 40 x 50mm. Can you run one of the parts independently? The volumes on the parts are not the same (1000, 2000, 5000pcs) so it’s important that each part cam be produced independently on the mold?


Since these 3 parts are all in small size, we can make use the same pocket but only do 1+1+1 cavity to meet the different quantity as well as economy requirement. So I propose below:

“Yes, if you want to order parts separately, l can make a switchable gate runner to allow the mold to produce part separately, we can run the mold to produce both or any single one of them. Then it is just a matter of the productivity, 3 parts come out of the mold each cycle has higher productivity than one part at each cycle, we have to use the same size machine. Given the below demand quantity, l think this would be the most economical way to go.”
plastic injection mold
Another example for demand quantity:
“Hi, right now it's quite hard to specify the expected production quantity from the mold. But we have plan to purchasing different quantity for different quarter in a year, 5K for the first quarter, 10K for the second and 30K for the last quarter, so A pre-hardened mold is well enough for my project?

“Hello Debra, we will count a mold for 5 years, given demand quantity, 738H steel for pre-harden mold which is 300K shots at least guaranteed. Regular maintenance and proper operation will allow the mold run much longer time. I think a pre-harden mold will be enough for your project.”

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