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In recent years, the plastic mold industry has developed rapidly in China, followed by increasingly fierce market competition. After joining the WTO, foreign mold manufacturers entered the domestic market and must stand out in the fierce competition. The development of mold standard parts and the professional production of molds are crucial.
As one of the pillar industries of China's light industry, the plastics industry has maintained a growth rate of over 10% in recent years. In the plastics industry, the plastics and hardware industry is very active and has become a new consumer hot spot and a new economic growth point. The market for plastics and hardware molds is promising, but it is far from the level of foreign technology.
This article analyzes the precautions when using injection molds. The production of injection molding products is inseparable from the molds. The quality of the molds is of crucial importance to the quality of the molded products. The mold creates value in using but gradually loses its value in using. Therefore, the operator must pay great attention to the use of the mold. Generally, the following points should be noted.
(1) Checking whether any impurities and dirt are present in the mold before using. For the remaining plastics and impurities in the mold, the copper paste must be scraped off with a cotton yarn, and then bonded with a copper knife.
(2)Reasonable choice of clamping force, which does not produce flash when molding the product and cannot be considered as high as possible, what's more it will increase power consumption and damage the transmission parts.
(3)Each transmission part should be lubricated well, so it is necessary to maintain the lubrication of these parts
(4)It is not allowed to hit any part of the mold with a heavy object such as a hammer or a hammer to avoid deformation or even damage to the mold.
Injection molds becomes a very important part in the modern society. Plastic mold manufacturers almost can create anything, functional or aesthetic which broadens the vision of businessmen, artists, designers and ordinary people. In short, plastic molds almost can create anything.
With the continuous development of industrialization, China has developed into a large country in the world of injection molding processing products. China has become the world's largest exporter of injection molding products, and injection molding products have also made indelible contributions to China’s foreign trade growth. However, at the same time as rapid growth, there also have been many problems in the injection molding industry of China. So how to choose a reliable injection molding manufacturer and how is the injection mold processing factory quoting?
How does an injection molding plant operate? I believe many people have thought about this issue and want to learn about this issue. Now I will try to tell you about this unknown world and talk about the day-to-day operations of the factory.
Stamping die is a kind of special process equipment that processes material (metal or non-metal) into parts (or semi-finished products) in cold stamping process, which is called cold stamping die (commonly known as cold die). What’s more stamping is a pressure processing method that uses a mold mounted on a press to apply pressure to a material at room temperature to cause separation or plastic deformation, thereby obtaining a desired part. In additions to this dies and presses are the two key factors that determine the quality, accuracy, and productivity of stamping. Only advanced molds can be used in advanced presses to make full use of them and achieve good results.
In the metal mold industry, the market for molds grows. With the establishment of industrial parks for molds across the country, China's mold industry has gained market recognition and rapid development. In mid-to-high-end production, it has also been able to achieve higher-level upgrades and jumps from the earliest stages of development. , injection mold or other are also gradually developed.
Injection molds generally need to work in a high temperature environment of 150 to 200 degrees Celsius when manufacturing plastic products in an injection molding machine. Therefore, the selection of raw materials in the process of manufacturing injection molds requires great attention, which plays a crucial role in the later overall injection mold life and the quality of the production of plastic products. And then, in the selection of injection mold steel raw materials need to meet what performance requirements?
The price of export mold is more expensive due to the different standards. The mold is divided into five categories by SPIAN-102-78. Five types of mold have different requirements and standards of themselves. This kind of mold classification only applies to the mold of injection molding machine with 400 tons or less.
Processing enterprises should be in the injection molding machine, injection mold under normal operation, test all kinds of injection mold performance, and finally measure forming parts size, through these information can determine the existing state of injection mold, find out the cavity, core, cooling system and parting surface damage, according to the information provided by the plastic, can judge the injection mold damage status and maintenance measures.
There are many factors to influence the injection mold cooling,such as the shape of plastic parts,and the parting surface design, the types, temperature and flow rate of cooling medium, geometry parameters and spatial arrangement of cooling pipe, mold material, melt temperature, eject and mold temperature that plastic parts requiring, thermal cycling interaction between plastic parts and molds,etc.
Four matters needing attention of maintenance of injection mould.
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