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One of advantages of plastic parts is they can be made in any color you want, and unlike metal parts, it is easy to do plastic parts in different color. Most of the consumer products need to be colorful, your cell phone, you car, color could be one of key reason your clients pay for your product. So how to define the color and customized your product is one of the important factor to achieve big sales.
Colored molded parts
Here are some custom projects we made for different customers, due to Intellectual Property Protection propose, there will be only pictures present here. Please note all the molds/parts are custom made exclusively for certain customers, anyone interested in distributing these products should contact directly with our customers.

Here is a part used as water line holder in garden
Plastic material: PP
Color: blue
Size: 570x200x20mm
Water line holder actual sample
We take good care of our customers regardless low volume or high volume injection molding order, once the order taken, your have our guarantee of quality, service and lead time. If your order is not being taken seriously by your molder or molding suppliers, please come to us and we let you talk with those small order customers we have served, you will then make your wise decision.
PC Electronic Box
Low cost production
China labor cost is still much lower than US, during past 10 year, China labor is rising every year, it's about 500USD-1000USD/ month, but please don't forget the productivity of individual labor increase as well. Low cost production is still one of the main reasons that China maintains the advantages in injection molding industry.

Quality guarantee
Quality of made in China have been labeled bad, still, look around you, there are not just low quality made in China, but also some of the best quality product, like Apple iPhone, iPad, all the molds/ injection molding are done in China. What you need to do is keep your eyes open to find a good injection mold supplier. You can't not deny that lower quality products exited in everywhere, even in United States.
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